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Haunted houses in Tulsa | episode 23

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode 23. I wanted to spend some time to talk about exactly how he came up with and sandy farms a high. We came up with the layout of it, how we designed it, how we put it all together, and how it became one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa.


Uh, the whole idea of a sandy farm started about two to three years ago. It started when we wanted to offer some of our customers are already existing customers an experience that they couldn’t get elsewhere. We really want, wanted to make one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. And we felt very strongly by making it in an sandy’s farms. We did just that. Uh, so I sat down with my dad, my mom and my sister and we discussed this idea of actually going forward with the idea of doing a haunted attraction. Uh, we have a lot of customers that there’s an age gap between adulthood and childhood. So we wanted to create something really unique for them. Um, but also at the same time, we wanted to create something that the family could go to as well. Um, so we sat down and really talk through the logistics of it and we said, yes, we can do this. It was kind of a perfect storm of events that led us up to this. But, uh, we really had a great opportunity to, um, starting another business and add to or add to Pumpkin town the one we already have.

So we sat down and the first thing we had to do was come up with the name, uh, we kicked around a bunch of names, a field of fear. We came up with fear farm, uh, but we really wanted to focus in on the farm theme. We already have pumpkin town farms, so we wanted to keep with that theme. Um, and the second reason why they wanted to keep with that theme was because there wasn’t another, another haunted house in Tulsa. Like it. Um, the other haunted houses and Tulsa are more focused in, on gory blood and guts. Um, you know, kind of this March podge of different actors and different costumes. Um, but none of them really had a defined storyline that you could follow. Haunted houses in Tulsa , so we really wanted to create the storyline of the customers are coming onto our farm and our farmer has been haunted.

There used to be a family that lived there on a dairy farm. Uh, they really had a harsh winter. It was a family of eight. A five out of six children died and they were forced to bury not too far from the field of fear with the corn maze. Once they buried their children, the coordinates a spirits and haunted are known to Rome. So Rome, the land of in sandy farms. Uh, so we came up with and sandy farms is the name, Haunted houses in Tulsa , we were gonna use in sandy farm, but that domain name was already purchased. So we came up with an sandy farms. And again, it really thin our theme of a farm because Pumpkin town farms ends with an s and insanity farms with ends with an s. So you get that alliteration with it.

Once we decided on the name for an sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, we had to really focus in on exactly what we were going to offer the customers. Uh, we weren’t sure if we were to charge, are all a cart where we charge per attraction or if you’re going to do an all inclusive pass, what exactly were we going to offer, what type of attractions? So once we came up with a name, we really had to focus in on what we’re going to offer our customers. Haunted houses in Tulsa , we really want to offer a haunted corn maze. And so we knew right away that’s one of the first things we wanted to do. So we did the haunted coordinates, which we ended up calling the field the fear. I’m inside the field of fear. We focus in on people’s fears and not so much the blood and guts and Gore at some of the other haunted houses and Tulsa offer.

Uh, so we really wanted to focus on people’s fears. We built these, what we call a tunnels. Uh, these tunnels are makeshift walkways or hallways and that we designed for different fears. Uh, one of them was a claustrophobic tunnel when people walk through at squeezing real tight and they couldn’t see because it was pitch black and he didn’t know when you’re going to get to the end of the tunnel. That was one of my favorites just because it was really unique. It was a cool experience to have no sight. You’re pushing through this tunnel. It’s squeezing you tight, it really captured all of your senses in one. Uh, we also build three other tunnels. Each one of them focused on people’s fears are snakes, roaches and spiders. I’m in each one of those. We have lighting sound and a porsche, a bunch of snakes, roaches and spiders. Um, in addition to all of the tunnels inside the field of fear, we really wanted to go after the farm theme. So every one of our actors is either a scarecrow. Uh, we have a pumpkin man. There’s also a pig man, a goat man. There’s several different types of foreign themed costumes that we went with and it really created this cool experience. And I think it helped make and sandy forums one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa.

I’m also inside the field of fear. We want him to make some scenes that, you know, you couldn’t see anywhere else. So we have a truck when you walk by it, it looks like it started actually. It looks like it’s starting up and moving the lights. Come on. The horn sounds. Uh, we also have a horse trailer trailers seen when they, when they walk by, it looks like these horses are trying to get out. We have a really big speaker in there that makes it sound like they’re jumping out. And then of course we wanted to add to when we needed some type of really cool finale. Um, so we, we developed or made a giant boar head puppet. And um, if you can imagine a, an employee stand behind this puppet and pushes it with two arms out towards the customers as they’re walking through the field of fear.

And this is what we call our finale for the field of fear. And it’s really cool because when the customers walk by, you know, the sound goes, it sounds like a big bore snarling and moving its eyes glow. It’s nose shoots out smoke and it’s mouth news. It’s a really cool a finale for our field of fear and one that we think helps make a sandy farms one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. Um, our other two attractions, we have a, a, the. Oh, the only one in Oklahoma. It’s a four d Zombie apocalypse paintball experience. Uh, we have two different containers. One of them is the actual live action, a container where you shoot out at our live actors. They’re addressed as zombies. Um, as well as well as our animatronic zombies. We have three of them that pop up and down. We’ve got a car that’s flipped over inside of there and we got an ambulance that’s inside of there.

Um, so that’s our shooting arena that our customers go into one of the containers. And then when the doors roll up, that’s the field or arena they’re shooting into. Um, and the first contender they walk into, there’s two different rooms. One where they watch a video for what they’re doing and the next one kind of gives them a video about safety precautions. Each one of these rooms has a live actor in them. There are generals or military sergeants. They’re encouraging the customers to, you know, eliminate the zombies, make sure you aim and fire. And uh, the whole experience is, is really immersed in this really cool forties on the painful experience and it definitely helps make. And Sandy farms one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. Um, our last attraction that we had for this year was chaos. It was a pallet mace. Uh, we had strobe lights in the corner.

We had really big speakers that kind of disoriented people and it created this chaotic scene inside of there. And um, it’s really like a rat maze. It’s hard. There’s only one way in and one way out. And when we put our are a live actor in their chuckles, the clown who escape from the local penitentiary, it really created this cool, a really cool, scary funds seen inside of chaos. And I also think it helped make insanity farms one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. So in conclusion, with all three attractions, uh, the fuel, the fear for ds, Abi Apocalypse, paint, ball and chaos, they have those all three helped really make and sandy farms one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. And with just one price at $25, you can come in and experience all three great attractions that sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa has to offer.