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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Being on a farm

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode 10, what makes and sandy farms one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. Well, let’s start out by talking about what the attractions themselves are and insanity farms. I’m the biggest attraction we have and the one that takes the most time to get through is called our field of fear. It is a haunted corn maze and it has several different types of scares inside of it. Uh, we came up with the design based on the fact that we wanted them to have a farm theme. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we wanted to focus in on scarecrows a Pumpkins, um, animals that you would see at a farm, stuff like that. We really wanted to focus in on the theme of being on a farm and having one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. Uh, so with the corn maze, there’s several different scares inside of it.

We built tunnels for them. Uh, that’s what we called them, or tunnels. Uh, we built them out of pallets and then put different lighting and sound and a different props in each one of them. Uh, the first one focused in on people’s fears. It was, um, or excuse me, it was people’s fear of Claustrophobia and so we called it the claustrophobic tunnel. We had an actor that stood outside of the claustrophobic tunnel that would scare people through it and basically the claustrophobic tunnel was a two different blowers that would blow air through these tunnels and they would, customers would go through and then compress them so it make them feel like they were getting squeezed through this really dark tunnel and you can’t see anything. So it, it’s a really cool experience that, uh, we wanted to add to our field of fear and I think it really added to making us one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa.

One of the other tunnels is a spider tunnel. We have sound lighting inside of it and we have hundreds of nasty looking spiders that are hanging around there. Um, the sound makes it sound like they’re climbing on the walls, climbing around you. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, and you could kind of feel when you walk through it, like they’re touching you. Uh, so a lot of people have fears of spiders. So we focused in on that. And I think that also contributed to making us one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, another one of our tunnels is a snake total and we have all sorts of snakes inside of it that are like reaching out at you and they looked like they want to bite you again. We have sound and lighting for it. And uh, I saw one of the customers that was walking through and they were so scared of snakes that they had to grab onto their, a husband that was in front of her and she had her head down and wouldn’t even look up and she would barely even want to go through it.

And I was amazed because it was something so simple, but something like that even scared the people just because the thought of the snakes mean inside of there. So I think that really helped contribute to insanity farms being one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa, I’m another one of our tunnels is the, is the Roche tunnel. A lot of people are afraid of cockroaches, uh, because they’re nasty and they carry disease and they’re just really gross. Uh, so, so we made a, Haunted Houses in Tulsa roach tunnel where hundreds upon hundreds of roaches look like they’re crawling around, um, it sounds like that. And then we put a walnut shells on the ground. So when you’re walking through it, it sounds like you’re stepping on roadshows or roaches, you know, when you’re walking through it, it creates a really nasty sounds. So the customers are really disgusted when they walked through there.

So that was something that we think contributed to insanity. Farmers been one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa along with the tunnels. Uh, we also wanted to focus in on, again, the farm theme. Uh, so we have several actors that are inside the farm, um, then, and basically some of them are like, we have a pig man who’s dressed like a pig and he carries a hatchet and looks really nasty. And then we have a bunch of scarecrows inside of there that are all were, they were these burlap. Matt’s got a really scary look and then, um, it looks like they’ve been demonized. Uh, so, um, we also have a guys that are dressed in Camo. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so when they’re walking through a long alley and they jump out and scare the customers, just like a classic scare scene. Um, so all of those actors I think help contribute to insanity farms being one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, again, uh, we have the tunnels, we have our employees that are really good actors and it’s again, we want it to go towards the farm theme.

Uh, so we focused in on having an animals, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, and also we have a scene inside of the field of fear or haunted corn maze that is, um, a travel trailer and one of our longtime employees is a hillbilly and he’s got like all this ran on his face that are makeup artists did and it created a really cool seeing where he’s leaned up against the travel trailer and he, he kind of intimidates but also jokes with the customers as they walk by. So it really created the theme and I think it helped and it helped. Um, and I think it helped contribute to insanity farms being the one, one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa. We also have another scene, the side of the field of fear are haunted corn maze and it’s a scene where we have a truck and when the customers by it, all of a sudden it starts up and it shakes and it looks like it’s about to drive through the corn.

It’s a really cool scene. Um, and we really, really got good feedback about that one. I’m a big car. Horn sounds off when you walk by it, why it’s come on, shakes up and down and you know, it looks like someone’s ready to drive through the corn. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so I think also having those types of scenes help make insanity farms one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, again, we have another scene in the field of fear and that is also a farm theme. We have a horse trailer where we put a big speaker inside of it and we have these things that bounce up and down and they sound like a horse trying to escape the horse trailer. And it’s really cool because one side, they come in, they see the horse trailer, and then again, once they walk further around the field, the field of fear, they come back to the horse trailer and then we have an act or waiting there that has the classic chain saw and he chases the customer orders up until they get to the cluster phobic total. Uh, so I think those helped contribute to sandy forums being the, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. Um, and our finale inside of the field of fear is the forehead.

The forehead is a giant puppet. And then we built a shack where he pops out at the customers and you have any scares them. His mouth opens, he has a snarling teeth, his eyes glow. And we built it to where I’m, one of our paid employees, stands behind it and pushes this giant puppet. So he comes out towards the customers as they’re walking through the final part of the field of fear. And there’s a giant speaker and it’s a really cool scene and it’s scary. It scares nearly everybody that goes by Haunted Houses in Tulsa So I think that finale definitely helps contribute to insanity farms being one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, um, and our other two attractions, we have these ami paint ball, it’s a four d shooting experience where you shoot paint balls at live actors that are wearing Zombie suits. And we have you entered these two containers in the first container.

They watched two videos that kind of explained the zombies are taken over the farm and then the second and then the second video that they watch, they basically explained how you load your paint balls and the safety procedures on when you’re shooting. Um, and then they go inside of the second container and everybody gets in their positions. We’ve got 16 guns loaded up, everybody puts paint balls in their guns and then the doors roll up and the action starts, lights, role, fog rolls, and the shooting fun begins. So that I think really helps make. And Sandy farmers one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. And our last attraction, which is chaos, is a really cool Palette. Mays experience, uh, with. It’s got strobe lights in the corners here. You’re disoriented as you’re walking through it. It’s got giant strobe lights, it’s got fog, it’s got speakers, and we’ve got chuckles the clown inside of it that escaped from the local penitentiary. So he found his place and insanity farms. And I think all of that, all three attractions combined make insanity farms the best haunted houses in Tulsa. I’m so in conclusion, uh, with the field of fear, uh, with the four d’s Abi apocalypse, paint ball and chaos, our pallet maize, I think all three attractions a combined make us the best haunted houses. And Tulsa.