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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Planning to troubleshoot

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode eight, I want to spend some time to talk about customer or excuse me, employee hiring, employee training as well as safety procedures and precautions when you’re developing and planning to open one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. The first thing you need to do is cast a wide net, uh, through craigslist, uh, through signs by the road, by contacting local theater departments, local high schools, and trying to find a wide net of actors that would be interested in working for one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa and sandy farms. I’m one of the things that we look for in our employees are people who are different and people that aren’t scared to get up in front of people and act and people that are outgoing. Um, and by, and to figure this out, we have to do group interviews. I’m actually really get, try them out in front of the whole, the whole company. Uh, we have kind of like A. America’s got talent type a type thing were we, my family comes in, uh, we have these people get up in front of us and have them act, um, have them do something crazy, something funny, something that will stand out so we know who’s going to be the best fit for one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa insanity farms.

This was our first year ever doing this or ever even opening the, the best haunted house in Tulsa and sandy farms. It was our very first year to even do the business. So everything we did was a really big learning, learning experience. Everything from hiring a to planning to troubleshooting a to making sure everything’s in place for the customers as they go through. Everything we did was a learning experience this year. And I can’t tell you how much I learned and how much, how very appreciative I am of all the help that we had to build one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa and sandy farms. Um, everybody from the staff, uh, to my family, uh, to my friends who came and helped and worked and even to our business consultant thrive 15, they really helped us grow as a business and they really helped us focus in on what we needed to do before, during, and after the seasons.

So we cast a wide net of advertising to get a bunch of employees or actors to come in and do tryouts. We have about three rounds of tryouts we do. Um, and then we do extensive training once we decide is going to be working for us and who’s not at one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. I’m, as I said earlier, we, we invite these, these employees, potential employees into our business. We tell them exactly what in sandy farms is and then we give them a chance to act in front of everybody. I’m with our first round. I think we had about 20 people that came and you could tell right away who were the people that were really eager to do this, uh, who the people that have actually scared and haunted before, as well as who obviously didn’t care to be there at all.

Um, some of the, some of the people that came were on their phones, some of the people that came that were actually really phenomenal. He could tell that they have acted before and have been trained to act before, as I told my employees. And when you’re working at one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa and sandy farms, um, you really need to be trained on how to scare somebody. And to do that, you have to understand how the layout of the maze, how the layout of the Zombie paintball and how the layout of chaos work. Um, each actor has a specific area, a specific role that they actually play a, we have a cloud inside chaos who has to run around all night and he’s the only actor in there. So it has to make a really big impact on our palate maze chaos.

And then inside of our field of fear, the haunted corn maze, we have anywhere between 10 to 12 actors at a time. Some of them are together, some of them are separate, but each one in there has their separate roles as well. We have a pig man. We have a guy that does our big finale warhead, that’s a big puppet a. So there’s a lot of different roles that go into building one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. And each one of those characters has to play a certain role and make sure that role is played when customers come by. It’s not easy to do, but once you get them trained, um, you really see the impact of how the business runs without the actors and sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa would not be one of the best haunted houses. And Tolson, um, actors make everything with our haunt and they bring it to life. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, my dad and I, we built and built and built this thing. But without our employees and our actors, the haunt would be nothing. Um, so I owe a lot to all the kids that worked for us. Um, all my friends that came out in health, we owe a lot to them and the fact that they helped build one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, another skill that we had to teach or employees is to

or actors is to, um, is to scare people. There are certain ways of doing this, but you have to protect yourself as well as a read. The customers are walking through. Um, most people that come through haunts are already know they’re going to get scared and they’re really excited to be there, but they do not like to be touched and they don’t not like people in their personal space. Uh, so one of the things we teach our actors is we do definitely. We definitely do not touch ’em cut paying customers when they walk through. Um, our employees can touch each other and they can hold onto their prop, but we specifically emphasized they do not touch the customers as they walk through this. This, I know some of the other haunts, like hex cells, they touch and grab the customers, but we feel like this causes too much friction and too much really liability that goes along with it.

So we really emphasize to our actors if we want this to be one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa, a, we got to scare the, we got to scare the customers when they walk through and be, we gotta make sure that we’re doing it the right way. So one of the ways of doing that is to obviously not touch the customers as they walk through. Um, the, another one is reading the group. You’ve got usually groups of four to five or even eight that walked through. Um, and you’ve got different people in those groups. One of them is going to be a leader. Uh, one of them’s going to be, they’re really scared, one that stays in the middle and one of them is going to be the joker. And then there’s going to be one in there that just isn’t having a good time at all.

And to create one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa, we really emphasized with our actors to read the group and separate them out. Um, with the joker. You want to kind of heckle him, kind of go back and forth with him a little bit with the scared person. You want to just leave them in the middle. That’s where the most comfortable and you know, it’s as simple as just walking up to that person to scare them. And then the leader of the group, this is the person that you really want to focus in on. The leader of the group is always a, the one in the or the head person walking through and you really want to scare that person. Uh, not only do you scare them, but you create laughter with the rest of the group. So that’s some of the things that we kind of teach our, our, our, or our actors to do to the customers as they walk through.

And we feel very strongly if they continue to do this and if they learn, uh, that will, we will continue to build one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa. So in conclusion, um, I wanted to emphasize the fact that without my, without the employees, without proper training, uh, we wouldn’t have one the best haunted houses in Tulsa for insanity farms. Uh, the employees really make the haunt a, they create an atmosphere that’s scary, that suspenseful as well as fun. I’m not everybody in the haunts going to be scaring people, but we really wanted to create an experience that the whole family can enjoy as well as a group of friends. And by doing that we had to make sure that our employees were trained well and knew what they were doing and were able to recognize groups as they walked through. And by doing this, we really feel very strongly that we built one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa.