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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Keeping the dream alive

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode 14. I wanted to spend some time to talk about the different type of marketing techniques, uh, that, um, are instilled in some of the haunted houses and Tulsa. Uh, we went with the approach that most of them go with. We already had a lot of our advertisements in place for Pumpkin town. Uh, so we spit more where we’ve been spending money for Pumpkin town in the same type of a marketing agencies and type of marketing avenues. One of the big ones is billboards for us and radio. Uh, we’ve been doing billboards for the past five or six years, uh, for Pumpkin town and every year since we’ve been running them, I’ve noticed more and more of different types of businesses that use billboards for advertising. Uh, one of those that stood out to me were the other haunted houses and Tulsa, specifically psychopath and Hex House.

And um, you can also include the castle Muskogee to. They’re not really a haunted house in Tulsa, uh, but they do place a lot of billboard advertising in Tulsa. So those three are the major competitors that use the billboard advertising. Um, I don’t know how effective billboard advertising really is. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, after discussing it with my business management team, we’ve found that it’s very hard to track, uh, the numbers and exactly determine, uh, where the customers are coming from, if they’ve seen the billboard, how effective it was. Um, so we, we focused in on getting the billboards. I’m getting radio ads and then also we focused in on social media advertising. We’ve ever, we’ve never really done social media advertising before. Um, we’ve noticed some of the other haunted houses and Tulsa do it. A psychopath definitely does it. Um, and hex house does somewhat. Um, but we, like I said, we focused in, on getting the billboards.

That was the first thing we did. Then we had to come up with the design for the billboards. Um, I kinda had an image in mind that I wanted to use, um, since we were going with the farm theme, I definitely wanted to use some type of scare chloro slash pumpkin looking guy. Uh, that was scary, but at the same time, not gory. Um, I know that’s getting pretty picky, but I felt like this would help differentiate us from some of the other haunted houses and Tulsa, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, most of them are kind of for a, the Gore, the blood and guts, um, stuff like that. So we try to focus in on people’s fears and not some old subletting goods. So what we came up with, our business management team or partners helped, uh, develop the design of the scarecrow. Uh, we, we did a lot of editing on it and we came up with our logo for sandy farms.

Uh, we blasted this on every billboard digital billboard that we had. Um, it looked really good at night. One of the only things I didn’t like about it was it was kinda hard to read, um, the location of our business on the billboard, uh, so we might switch that up next year and change it to where we don’t use as many billboards and place our money elsewhere. The second avenue, which most of the other haunted houses and Tulsa used as well, um, are the radio advertising. The radio advertisements have been very popular with the other haunted houses in Tulsa. We have live remotes nearly every Saturday night. I’m at the sanity farms and I know most of the other haunted houses and Tulsi either have him Friday or Saturday night as well. Um, and some of them are also open on Thursday, Thursday nights as well, but since we, it was our first year, we wanted to really kind of pick and choose which days we were open and as far as, you know, which ones would be the best for us.

So we were open Friday and Saturday nights in October. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we’re definitely going to expand more nights for next year and I think the radio kind of helped, uh, the billboard advertising when customers would drive by and they might see the billboard, but at the same time hopefully they’re listening to the radio and they can kind of get both advertisements at once. And that helps further drive home the point of that exactly what we are, who we are and what we offer. Um, I’m sure a lot of people that drove by didn’t really recognize it first. Exactly what we were, um, but since we placed the billboards from mid September till the end of a no or tell the beginning of November, that’s a good month and a half of exposure throughout all the major expressways on Tulsa as well as our radio ads. We placed those at the same time as the billboards.

So we really felt like coupling both those together helped form a kind of a brand recognition for insanity farms. And I helped. I think it helped create or helped make us one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, one of the new type of advertisements to use this year was social media advertising. We’ve looked into this and the past few years about using it, but we didn’t have much knowledge about it. Uh, we ended up going with facebook and Google ad words and we saw a really good feedback through those. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, uh, from what my, one of my business coaches said, the people they’re spending mentality is different when they’re driving down the road looking at a billboard versus if they’re at home on their phone looking at their phone, the purchase. Mine’s different. It’s a lot easier for them to buy a ticket if they’re sitting at home versus if they’re driving down the highway and they see your billboard, in my opinion, I feel like all three of these help kind of create a really strong brand recognition, uh, but I’ve learned over the years that just pouring money into one type of advertisement doesn’t mean you’re going to get what you want.

Uh, you really got to kind of sculpt your message. You really got to give them something to come in about, you know, a call to action. And I think those are some really big things I learned this year, especially about Pumpkin town forms. We really had to have a call to action next year. I think we’re going to have another call to action for sandy forums. We run our social media advertisings and I think that’ll help drive home the point and actually help us convert some of those online views to actual purchases.

Another successful marketing ploy for some of the other haunted houses in Tulsa. I’m not, not just specifically those haunted houses in Tulsa, but also on houses in the whole us. Um, some of the, some of the techniques I saw for marketing, one of the best ones was to actually advertise near your competitor a, whether it’s a billboard or, you know, you have flyers that you’re handing out near, they’re near their place or whatever, but placing advertising in your largest competitions area, uh, seem to work for some of those other haunted houses in different states. Um, now Tulsa is a different story. We don’t really like to step on anybody. There’s fluids, so we don’t do that. Uh, but we do place, we do place advertising through billboards, through radio, through social media and through coupons and stuff like that. Um, one thing I’ve definitely been floating around an idea is to approach one of our biggest competitors, heck’s house and see if they want to do a cross promotion between them and us.

I think, um, by offering that we can help first off, get great exposure for us as well as them. Um, it also helps, uh, to get these customers to come through more than one haunted attraction or one haunted house in Tulsa. And also it helps build comradery. And, you know, the more haunted houses these customers go to, the better it is for all of us and we feel very strongly by supporting each other, um, and not badmouthing each other that we can create a better business model and a better business versus some other people that like to bad mouth, other businesses we really want to connect with our other haunted houses and Tulsa. Uh, so next year we’re thinking about reaching out to hex house to see if they’d like to do a cross promotion.

In conclusion, uh, many of the haunted houses and Tulsa use the same type of advertising that we do. Uh, one of the things that we would like to do is to differentiate our message, especially about our farm theme, outdoor haunted Corn Maze, the Fourteenth Zombie paintball. Those were things that you can’t get at the other haunted houses in Tulsa. So, uh, we may switch some of our money we spend in different marketing avenues, but we’re definitely going to get more specific with the message that call to action as well as, um, you know, the opportunity as well as the opportunity to cross advertise with some of the other haunted houses in Tulsa.