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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | pulling the trigger

Haunted houses and Tulsa, episode six. I wanted to spend some time to talk about the construction of insane deforms. Um, we started with this idea years ago, um, that we wanted to add an attraction to Pumpkin town farms that would bridge the gap between children that were in their late teens and into their college years. Uh, one of the biggest ideas was to start a haunted houses and Tulsa, um, this, this idea kind of floated around for a couple of years in between our family, uh, but we never really decided to pull the trigger on the project. Um, until um, I did some more research on first our competition as well as what to expect with getting into this type of business. It was a whole learning experience for everybody involved from my dad to me, to my sister and mom. Um, we just wanted to really offer a unique experience and we wanted to create the best haunted houses in Tulsa for added sanity farms.

Uh, we wanted to give an experience that was farmed themed. We felt that we had to really keep it farm theme to keep, to keep the theme that goes along with Pumpkin town farms. So that’s how we came up with the name and sanity farms is we wanted to keep with the farm theme. Uh, we already knew we were going to do a haunted coordinates because we knew how to do that, but we didn’t know exactly what was going to be inside of it. Uh, so we came up with the name field of fear as that attraction and we feel like, uh, that’s one of our biggest draws to in sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, we spent a lot of time developing the paths, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, getting the layout of it, making sure that it was long enough and going to be entertaining enough in each part of the maze.

That was one of the biggest challenges I think, um, it takes customers generally between 35 to 40 minutes to get through our whole haunted corn maze. Um, and we really added a lot for first year attraction, first year haunted houses and Tulsa, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, for our coordinates as well as the Zombie paintball and chaos. Uh, we added four different hot and tunnels in it. Uh, we added a car scene. We added a trailer scene. We added a horse scene. I mean, there was so much involved in our, in the field of fear, uh, that it took months and months of planning. Um, we, we got GPS printouts, we trying to market foot by foot, make sure we had everything measured out, right? So it took a lot of, just to design the overall layout of the field of fear, let alone and sandy foreigners, uh, we decided we also wanted to do a Zombie paintball theme because we thought that that was something that has, isn’t offered at other haunted houses.

And Tulsa, uh, it’s a really cool interactive shooting game gallery where you get to shoot paint balls at live action zombies. Uh, we spent a ton of time messing with all of the electronics, making sure our animatronic work, the zombies, we made sure our actors were well trained for that scene. Uh, the biggest, the biggest obstacle for the Zombie paintball was all the electronics. Uh, they were 48 different out electronic little outlets. We had eight or nine different speakers, four or five different fog machines, three different tvs. I mean, it was just a lot to connect and a lot to a, it was a lot to, a lot of electronics to handle. Uh, I learned a lot building all of that. Everything from how to wire stuff together as well as, uh, you know, how to find a good container. We put these two TVS in these containers to make rooms where they watch videos for the Zombie paint. Well, uh, so really it’s a whole combination of thought and effort over years and years of running our pumpkin patch. We wanted to offer something that bridged the gap between adulthood and childhood. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so we fit, we feel like we feel very strongly by building insanity farms. We created one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa.

I also wanted to go back and touch base on the Zombie paintball. We spent months and months of planning and, and, and trying to figure out the best place to put this at our, at our location. We want it to keep, keep separate entrances. We didn’t want too much crossover between some of the really small children. We didn’t want to scare them with our hearts, so we put a totally separate entrance to the San Diego farms compared to Pumpkin town farms. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we wanted to ensure that and in the same aspect, we wanted to ensure that anybody coming in and sandy have farms, wasn’t thinking they’re just going through some, a child pumpkin patch as well. Uh, so that’s why we created separate entrances for each one. And if the Zombie paintball we had to, we had to build a bigger arena. Uh, so we, we, we had to outsource a really strong netting that the paintballs wouldn’t shoot through a.

We had to install them giant telephone poles to create what we’re going to attach the netting to. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, it was just a lot of work to get all that together. We put an ambulance inside this Abi paint. We had to find that we had to plant inside the Zombie paintball. So it looked like you were still on the farm while you’re shooting in there. Uh, so the Zombie paintball, we still wanted to connect it to the farm and he was so by adding the amazing to it and you know, kind of created that theme with our actors, telling them to tell the customers, you know, make sure to eliminate the zombies that are taking over the farm. We really wanted to make sure that it stuck to the farm theme and the, our last attraction chaos took a quite a bit of effort. We had to draw it out on a map and put it put together this endless maze that people get lost in and they get disoriented in and that we have live actors in.

It was something that we spend lots of time planning. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we, we had to outsource, I think 2,800 pallets to build this thing. Um, I think it took over 80 or 92 by eight, two by four by tens. It just took a lot of effort and time and a lot of post hole digging as well. Uh, but over time we created a really cool a haunted house in Tulsa by adding the chaos to our attraction. Um, it gave another cool thing, gave another really cool aspect to our business. I think by adding the, uh, chaos mais um, so by providing all three, we feel like we have really built the best hothouses and Tulsa for ad insanity farms. Um, like I said earlier, it just took a lot of effort and a lot of planning to do this. Uh, we outsourced a bunch of help on a unprofessional, helps people who have helped developed things for Disney things to help develop stuff for six flags.

We outsourced help from these guys. They came in and helped us with some of the design and some of them props. Uh, so we really got professional help on some of those things. So that’s why we really wanted to bring the best haunted houses in Tulsa to our customers at Pumpkin town farms and insane and he farms, we wanted to provide experience that was not only scary, but you know, focused on people’s fears. Uh, we have like a cockroach, a tunnel that scares people when they go through it. We have a snake tuttle that scares people that go through it. We have a spider tunnel that scares people that go through it. We have also a claustrophobic tunnel that I, when people go through it, it really squeezes them tight. It really creates that feeling that you can’t get out of it. Um, so we really tried to focus in on people’s fears as well as in the farm theme.

Um, and in order to do that, like I said, we took years of planning and really the opportunity we felt was this year to go ahead and, and, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, pull the trigger on doing this project or doing this business. We felt like, in conclusion, I just, I wanted to give you guys an insight on how much planning and how much effort it took to build of insanity farms into one of the best hot analysis and Tulsa. Um, it came from a culmination of years of thought, effort planning as well as having the opportunity to do it with our land at Pumpkin town farms. Um, w without, without Pumpkin town farms. I don’t think we could’ve done insanity farms. I think we owe a lot of effort and time and, and, uh, we just owe a lot to pumpkin toe farms for insanity farms that happening.