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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Cross the river when it comes

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode four. I wanted to spend some time to talk about the different types of haunted attractions there are in Tulsa. I’m what I want them to start with. Our biggest competition, which is heck’s house, Heck’s house is open 22 different nights, um, in October and into November. Um, they draw all over 10,000 customers each season. They’ve been around for 10 years. Um, and they’re a little bit different than us and the fact that they are indoors. Um, and they offer two different attractions inside of their haunted house in Tulsa. Uh, the first one is the westside grim and the other one is the actual heck’s house. Um, they’ve done a good job at forming a story that goes along with their heart. Heck’s house was an old house in Tulsa that became haunted. Uh, so that’s how they came up with that name.

Uh, the big difference between us and them is that we offer three different attractions to there too. Um, and, and in addition, ars is outdoors. We offer a really cool haunted corn maze, um, that they don’t offer. And um, but they do offer some really cool haunted houses in Tulsa. They have a really good trained actors, uh, that know what they’re doing. They get people’s names as they walked through the door and they scare people as they walk room to room and they’ll use the people’s names as they walked through a. So that was something that I took from there, is that I thought would be good to add to our, our haunted attraction. Um, another, another difference between us and them is that they have a vip express pass, um, and we don’t offer that and that basically means that you get to skip the lines that they’re placed.

But our lines are generally pretty fast moving. So there is no need to pay the extra $10 for a vip express pass for a haunted house in Tulsa. We feel that that’s just a ploy to get somebody to spend 10 more dollars and that, um, if you time it right by the customers and if you time it right by the employees, uh, you can actually get a lot of people through your attractions without having, without them waiting in long, long lines. Another big difference between us and Hex House or insanity and heck’s house is our locations. We are located centrally in South Tulsa at 61st and Garnette, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, and their location is, is all the way on the west side of Tulsa. You have to cross the river and go down I 44 all the way. You get to a shopping center that’s across from the, uh, big firework stores in West Tulsa. So we feel that our location is really, is a really good benefit for us. And that’s one of the biggest differences between us and hex house.

Another haunted house in Tulsa, um, which is actually located close to where we are, is run by Ed Church guts church in Tulsa. I’m their attraction is known as nightmare and they’ve been doing this for a really long time ever since I was in high school, which would have been over 12 years ago. So they’ve been doing this for a very long time. They, um, mainly focus in on, um, your fears of, you know, the unknown and the fears of and the struggles that Jesus paid for us on the cross. They put a really, uh, you know, St Tannic spin on their haunted attraction where it Kinda, it kinda flows along the lines of their church beliefs and you know, pushes the boundaries of the unknown. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, they, they’ve, they also have a, uh, three different passes. Um, we only have one pass, so for $25 you get to come into our place and do everything.

They have three different passes, a just like Hex House nightmare has an express pass where you get to skip the lines apparently. Uh, but again, we do such a good job at staggering the lines and making sure everything moves smoothly, that we don’t feel it’s necessary to charge the extra $10 extra $10 for the express pass. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, their general mission is $15, uh, but they also offer a season pass, which was for $100. We may look at doing a season pass next year for ours, a far location, but for our second season we’ll probably just stay at what we’re doing this year. What we did this year, we’re just charged the $25 admission. You get the three different attractions and again, we don’t feel the need to charge the extra $10 for the express pass. Um, nightmare was open the same nights we were Friday and Saturday nights in October. And again they are, they’re about two or three miles from our location. So we consider them, we consider them pretty big competition.

Another haunted house in Tulsa I was wanting to talk about is psychopath. Um, they’re not really located in Tulsa, but they’re located in Sperry, which is not too far from Tulsa. And they’re probably more like insanity farms than the other two hex house and nightmare. The other haunted attraction, I wanted to talk about a psychopath. They’re more like us than most of the other attractions, like hex house in my mirror and there an outdoor event just like we are. So they have to deal with the elements of the weather. Uh, this year the weather was really difficult for us. Um, I believe it rain five out of the eight nights we were open. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so that’s one thing that we may look at for next year is building some type of indoor attraction where we don’t have to worry about the weather per se, but unlike the other two, um, psychopath, like I said, is an outdoor event.

Um, they’d been around just as long as the other two have a hex house, a nightmare. Um, they do a haunted, uh, like a haunted trail ride that’s on like a carriage. And then they have like a ha a haunted house in Tulsa. They have one of those. And then they have, um, I believe another attraction which is. And then a couple of years ago they had another attraction there that was a basically a cough and that would lower down some somewhat and then lower back up. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so you got the feeling of being in a coffin and being lowered a. So like I said, cycle psychopath is probably mostly, uh, like insanity farms as in we’re an outdoor event and we have to deal with the weather elements. Uh, another haunted house in Tulsa I wanted to talk about is actually in Muskogee and it’s, it’s the last of our competition, which is a, the castle, Muskogee, uh, I believe they’ve been around for 25 years, but the Halloween thing I think they’ve been doing for 20, um, and they offer eight or nine different attractions that you can do, but each one costs five to $10 to do.

And from what I heard, they’re not very scary. Some are more family focused and some are more interactive game focus. Some of their tickets anywhere from five to $10 to do the Zombie trail. Um, and then there’s also several other different attractions. They have the range from 10 to $15 a piece. Um, so the biggest difference between all the competition in ours and in the haunted houses and Tulsa is that we offer and really cool outdoor experience that has a haunted corn maze, a Zombie paintball that nobody else offers as well as, as well as a haunted a pallet mason nobody else offers. Um, I think that’s one of the biggest differences between us and all the other haunted houses in Tulsa. Uh, and so I think we were, we were in the future, we’re really going to focus in, on making the theme farm themed and making sure we deliver on the spookiness of being in a coordinator at night as well as, um, the interactive experience customers get with, with our employees or costume characters. Uh, that’s the biggest thing we’re going to focus in on moving forward. And I think by doing those things we can make our and sandy farms the best haunted house in Tulsa.