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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Outdoor Attractions

Haunted houses and Tulsa, episode one, what is insanity farms? I’m sure most of you are wondering what insanity farms exactly is. Um, to better explain what it is. Let me tell you why we started in sandy farms. Uh, we wanted to really create a unique experience in Tulsa, specifically haunted houses and Tulsa. Um, we know there’s a few competitions out there, but we really wanted to create an experience that the whole family could enjoy. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so, and we also wanted to provide an experience that we couldn’t at our regular pumpkin patch. We wanted to focus in on, um, teens and, you know, college students, something that they could do. Um, so that’s Kinda why we started in Santa Sandy farms. Um, my dad and I spent a lot of time working on it and putting it together. We think it’s a really cool haunted house in Tulsa.

Um, we think it’s really unique and I think customers were really, really, really, really enjoy it. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, one of the unique things about is that it is an outdoor experience. A lot of the other haunts, haunted houses and Tulsa are indoor experiences. Uh, so we thought it would be really cool to make an outdoor experience for customers and Tulsa. Um, so we focused in on creating three different attractions for insanity farms. Uh, the first one is really cool. It’s taltzes only haunted corn maze and we call it the field of fear and we spent a lot of time designing it and designing and the paths and I’m focusing in on people’s fears rather than just blood and guts. Um, so we think that’s a really cool experience that people can do, um, and it takes quite a while to walk through it. Um, it’s a good 30 minute walk through the whole whole experience and we really tried to focus in on people’s fears, which was the biggest, the biggest reason why we did the corn maze.

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Like I said, we didn’t want to do blood and guts, we wanted to focus in on people’s fears. Like we have a, a roach tunnel that we built and it’s filled with a bunch of fake roaches. We also have a, a spider tunnel that we filled with spiders and it sounds like spiders are crawling all over. Um, I don’t want to give away all the attractions inside the field of fear, but I think it’s really unique and I think it’s something different than most haunted houses and Tulsa. Uh, the second, the second attraction that we have is called Zombie apocalypse apocalypse and it’s a four d experience that is really, really unique and nobody else offers. Um, basically it’s a container that has all these paintball guns mounted inside and garage doors roll up on the side of it. And the experience begins. We have animatronic zombies that pop up and down, uh, you get sprayed in the face with water as you’re trying to battle the zombies and, you know, there’s just, there’s a lot of fog. I mean, this is really cool experience for haunted houses in Tulsa. Uh, the, the third attraction we offer is called chaos. And again, we try to focus on people’s fears. So one of the biggest attractions in chaos is our actor known as chuckles and he’s a clown that’s escaped from a penitentiary and he’s found his way into chaos and terrorizes the customers as they walk through. Um, it’s a really cool experience. And I think it’s a really unique experience for haunted houses in Tulsa.


Um, as I said earlier, one of the biggest differences between us and the other, other, um, haunted houses and Tulsa is that we are an outdoor experience and we do offer the only haunted corn maze. Um, it, I mean with the, within the 60 mile radius of Tulsa and we are the only ones that offer a unique Zombie paintball experience. So I think with all those three things, um, it’s a really good experience for people in Tulsa and I think they should check it out. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we all were open Friday and Saturdays in October plus November third of this year. We’re going to be opened November third because we’re doing a, um, a end of the season party with the Tulsa pop kids. And we wanted to create a cool experience. So we opened up both the and sandy farms and pumpkin farms. So it’s going to be a really cool experience on November third a, we’re calling it the great pumpkin smash and everybody should come out and check it out.


ticket prices for insanity farms are $25 and that does include the tax and we also offer $5 ticket where customers can buy more paint balls so they can have more ammo to shoot it. All the zombies that are coming at you in the Zombie apocalypse.

We also offer a past that gets you both into a Pumpkin town farms and insanity farms. That’s the amazing pass and it’s $35 plus tax, but you know, it’s a really great experience because you get to do both Pumpkin town and, and sandy farms. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we had a lot of crossover. I was kind of surprised that some of the kids would do and sandy farms, but they went through with their parents and they seem to have a great time and we got great responses from both the parents and the kids on how well done it was and how great everything looked.


Uh, I also wanted to talk about one of the biggest differences between us and the other haunted houses in Tulsa. Um, we, we, we try to focus in on people’s fears. Um, we weren’t, we didn’t really want to focus in on the blood and guts. Uh, we did the, we did try to make everything scary inside the maze and you know, we had good responses about how scary it was and what a great group experience it would be or it is. Um, we also, uh, wanting to, you know, provide a family experience as well as the group experience. Uh, we do recommend ages 12 and under for this, for our haunted attraction and Tulsa, but we, we recommended 12 and above. We did get some kids that were younger than 12, but we required that they know the parents went through with them into the insanity farms, I know heck’s house offers to indoor attractions and they’ve been around for a long time, but ours is different because it is an outdoor attraction and it, and we are the Tulsa’s only haunted corn maze.

Um, so that’s one of the biggest differences between us and hex house psychopath, which is a little bit north of Tulsa. They do an outdoor event, um, but they don’t do an outdoor corn maze. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, they do a haunted trail in a haunted hay ride and they think they have a haunted house and Tulsa, but nobody that is around us offers a really cool all inclusive experience where you get to shoot zombies with paint balls where you get to walk through a haunted corn maze and where you get to get scared by a bunch of clowns. I mean, it’s a really cool experience. I think all the family would enjoy it and you guys should check it out. In conclusion, I hope you guys better understand what exactly insanity farms is. It’s a really cool outdoor haunted house in Tulsa experience and you know, it’s centered around three attractions, the haunted corn maze, the four d Zombie paintball apocalypse experience and the pallet maze, which is chaos.

Um, and for $25 customers can come through, spend a good hour and a half to two hours out there, make a great night out of it, have fun with friends and family and it’s a really cool experience that you guys should check out. I also wanted to remind everyone that the tickets are $25 and that does include tax. You get access to all three attractions inside and sandy farms this year, 2018. We were open Friday and Saturday nights and October plus November third for the great pumpkin smash. And we are located at 61st and Garden Ed. There’s a separate entrance for insanity farms, which is located on the south side of the property. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we wanted to keep it separate from Pumpkin town insurance just for some of the young kids. We didn’t want them seeing some scary actors that we have. And again, we do offer an amazing past for $35. It gets you an ultimate pass, which is an all inclusive past a pumpkin town as well as access to insanity farms. So again, we hope you visited sandy farms, one haunted houses and Tulsa. And we hope that you enjoyed.