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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Get Your Kicks On

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode 17. I wanted to spend some time to talk about what a cool attraction in Santa you firms is and what the future holds for insanity farms. Uh, we came up with insanity farms over three years ago. We wanted something to, we wanted to bring something really unique to Tulsa and one of those ideas was to build the best one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. And we felt by creating and sandy farms, we did just that. I’m. So that was what we, that was the idea we settled on and we really wanted to go after the farm theme when I mean by the foreign theme is we wanted to make sure that we stuck to um, having actors like scarecrows and a crazy look in Pumpkin guy and you know, over the top, uh, things like I’m a hillbilly that had all this makeup on.

He looked really scary in a horse trailer scene. So we wanted to really stick with, uh, like make you feel like the customers, like they’re like the being on a farm. Uh, the reason for that is just because we already started pumpkin town farms, uh, this has been our major, our major investment for over the past 19 years. We spent most of our time or nearly all of our time working on building one of the best pumpkin patches and Tulsa and we felt like we, our customers were wanting something just a little bit more than just a pumpkin patch and they wanted something for their teenagers to do at night and we wanted to bring something to already our big customer base and we wanted to bring something to them, uh, some unique experience that they can enjoy with your family and friends. And we felt very strongly by building and sandy farms one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa that we did.

Just that. The great thing about sandy farms just like Pumpkin town farms is we’re going to keep building and adding and always improving, uh, onto this business. And I feel like since it’s just the first year of, of insanity farms that I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like in the next 10 years. I feel the very same way about Pumpkin town farms. Uh, it really excites me. I’m just even thinking about what the future holds and that’s actually one of the best part of my businesses besides getting to see all the families that come out, I’m getting to see them every year and getting to see their families grow. That’s the biggest benefit of it all. Uh, but the other part that excites me is what we get to bring next. What do we get to excite our customers with next? That’s, that’s what really drives, um, I love bringing new experiences to our customers and with bringing one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa and sandy farms.

I feel like we really delivered on that this year. Um, it was a really big worry of ours. Um, my dad’s kind of the patriarch of everything and you know, he’s been through a lot. He’s dealt with cancer twice in the last five years. So he’s dealt a lot. He’s been dealing with a lot in his life and uh, this added even more pressure to what’s already on our plate with pumpkin farms. Um, but, you know, I, I took a load on with it and I made sure and I let him know that no matter what, um, I had his back and that we could do it, um, and just like Pumpkin town farms with a lot of blood, sweat and tears that we invested into it. The insanity farms was built this year and we took a lot of pride in that. We really felt like we brought one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. We really built one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa.

We already knew that we were going to do the corn maze. We didn’t know we’re going to call it the field of fear, but that just kind of had a good ring to it. And so we decided on the name. We’re haunted corn maze, the field of fear. Uh, we really knew we wanted to focus in on people’s fears instead of just blood and guts. Uh, so we, we spent a lot of time developing tunnels, what we call tunnels. And these are attractions that people walk through. And in each one it focuses, it focuses in on people’s fears. One of them, like a snake tunnel, one of them’s a spider tunnel. Um, I don’t want to give too many of them away, but there’s another one that’s a claustrophobic tunnel. Um, all of these help contribute to making and sandy foreigners, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa.

Um, it really, really scares people. For example, I saw one lady that was walking through the snake tunnel, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, she got up to it. She could hear this snake’s his scene as she could hear the people screaming as they walked through. And she had such a fierce snakes that she almost did not walk through. Her husband basically had to drag her through the snake tunnel. And, uh, it took a lot of effort to get her through there. But, uh, with her low in her head and not looking up at her husband pulled her arms through, um, she made it through. But it was amazing to me. Just something as simple as that. I’m focusing in on somebody’s fear of snakes or somebody is fear of spiders. How much of a scary you can get out of that? Um, so, and again, it didn’t have to be the big blood and guts like some of the other haunted houses, Tulsa, um, it didn’t have to be over the top gory.

Um, it just had to be something simple as a, you know, focusing in on somebody’s fears. And um, we, I think we did a really good job with that with insanity farms. The Zombie paintball was kind of a, out of the left field idea. Um, I’ve always wanted. We already have a shooting gallery inside of the Pumpkin town farms, but I’ve always wanted to do one that was a little more live action, a little more interactive, a little more, um, how do I say a little more entertaining? Haunted Houses in Tulsa, what we did was we built the four d’s Zombie paintball experience that immerses the customers as soon as they walk into it, uh, the, the queue lines that go to it, cut through some of the corn maze. And so the customers that are waiting in line and get to spend time hanging out in a corn maze, which is cool.

Um, and then they walk up to a, a container that is cammo colored and has two different rooms inside of it. The first one they go in, both of them have videos, so the first room they go into the customer, see a five minute video talking about the zombies taken over their farm, and then the next room they go into, they watch a video that talks about how to properly load the bullets and how to properly wear eye protection and to have fun. And we have actors in each site inside of each one of these rooms. And then they leave the first container and head into the second container. Second container holds 16 different paintball guns. And this is where the fun begins. Um, customers walk in and load their bullets and then the doors roll up, smoke and fog come out. And it’s a really cool interactive shooting experience.

It’s the only one of its kind in Tulsa. And I think again, it helps make insanity farms one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. Uh, we felt very strongly that we needed to add one more attraction just to make it a, you know, a, one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. So we came up with chaos, which is a pallet maize and there’s only one way in. There’s only one way out. Um, and you get, you get disoriented by strobe lights and fog and music, loud music. Uh, we had an actor in there this year that was a clown and he did a really good job. It’s scary. And other, uh, other, other customers that came through, he did a really good job at it and he had a creepy outfit on where he wore a mask and then he had looked like he escaped from a local penitentiary and had settled on in St Louis Farms.

Um, so we really felt like we had to bring three attractions together to make it a really great, a really cool. And to make it one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. We felt like we had to bring three attractions and include it for the price of one. Um, and the great thing about, like I said, building onto businesses like Pumpkin town farms and insanity farms, uh, is what you get to add next. So I’m really excited about the future of insanity farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, we feel like we might move towards adding another attraction next year where it might be tied to a graveyard scene or something of that nature. But, uh, we’re already in the plans of talking about it, writing it down just like we did this year, developing everything and making it a really cool and making it one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. So in conclusion, I wanted to kind of give you an idea of the joy we get out of building these businesses. And I wanted to Kinda give you a clue of what the future holds for insanity farms. One of the best haunted houses and Tulsa.