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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | The First Attraction

Haunted houses and Tulsa, episode 18. I wanted to spend some time to talk about the different types of haunted houses in Tulsa. A. Let me begin by speaking about ours, which is insanity farms and sandy farms is located at 61st and Garden Ed. I’m in Tulsa and it was, it was her first year to run this haunt. It was an idea that we build a couple of years ago based on the fact that we wanted to offer some, some something different to our guest at Pumpkin town farms. Uh, we came up with the, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, which is insanity farms. Uh, we decided to design the design, the whole layout, um, build at least on the first year of built on three different attractions. Uh, the first attraction that we have in insanity farms. It’s the field of fear. Uh, it takes customers anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour to get through the whole corn maze.

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It’s the only haunted corn maze that’s located in eastern Oklahoma. And we really pride ourselves on how well it was designed and the really cool special effects that we put inside of it. Uh, we consulted with some professionals that have worked at Walt Disney and a six flags and they really helped us add some really cool and unique special effects to the field of fear. And I think that really helped contribute to insanity farms being one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa. The second attraction that insanity forums offers is the four d’s Zombie paintball. A, we actually call it the Zombie apocalypse, but, um, it’s the only a Zombie paintball game and in Tulsa and it’s the only one of its kind in Oklahoma. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we specially built these containers, uh, to, uh, run this run and operate this really cool for days and I’ll be paintball experience.

Um, it’s got anywhere from 45 to 50 different electrical outlets that we had to build and connect and, and rewire. Um, we had to build doors in the side of the containers. We had to do all sorts of things to make this attraction come to life. Um, and we felt like by offering a, the Zombie paintball that help differentiate us from some of the other haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, most of our competition is traditionally the blood and guts haunted house. Um, and you know, we wanted to offer something totally different than that. We want to offer something that was outside. I’m really focus in on the farm theme and something that would be unique compared to the other haunted houses and Tulsa. Uh, the other attraction that we offer is chaos. It’s a pallet maze that we basically built in a, you have a really hard time getting out of there.

Really fast paced music’s playing the light, sir. We have strobe lights on each quarter and we have live actors inside of it, the pop out and scared the customers as they walk through. It’s a really cool experience and I felt like that just added to insanity farms being one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa, uh, some of the other haunted houses in Tulsa. I’m include Hex House. Heck’s house has been around for over 10 years and they started out actually not too far from where Pumpkin town farms is. They started out over at 71st and memorial over off near incredible pizza. Um, but, um, they moved over to the west side of Tulsa a couple of years ago. Um, obviously to get, I guess give more space and probably cheaper rent, but they offer a, um, they offer a ticket that includes access to two different types of scares or haunts.

They’re both indoors. One is called west side grim. Um, and the other is heck’s house. I really liked the way they built the idea off the heck’s house. It’s, it’s an old story that comes from Tulsa. Uh, there’s a house in Tulsa that supposedly haunted, so they kind of took that idea off that story that’s known as the heck’s house and uh, basically took their name and made it their own. Haunted Houses in Tulsa so I thought that was a really good way to tie in Tulsa to their haunted attraction or their haunted house in Tulsa. But we stuck to the farm theme and I think that kind of connects with what we’re doing and I think that helps differentiate us from them. They also charge more than we do for admission. And with us, you get three different types of attractions with them. You get to, uh, the other haunted house in Tulsa is run by guts church.

It’s known as nightmare or the nightmare. And um, it’s been around for a really, really long time ever since I was in high school. Um, and every year they do it actually, it’s not far from Pumpkin town farms as well. Um, and they do it at their church is just located off the broken Arrow expressway. Um, and they really focus in on, I’m kind of the Christian religious theme of it and they have scenes that are like real life experiences. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, I’ve heard from a lot of people that they’re really intense and a little bit too much for the younger crowd. Uh, one of them like an abortion scene where the girls screaming and she’s having an abortion and it’s just a lot, I think for the customers to deal with. Um, another one’s a scene of a Dui crash and it’s pretty intense as well.

Um, and it’s, it’s for, for a church that runs it. I think they, they, they really did a great job at connecting, um, uh, you know, their youth groups and everything and there are other churches, youth groups and bringing them in as customers. That’s something that I’d really like to focus in on next year for an sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa is to get more youth groups and church groups to come out to our attraction. Um, and again, nightmare is one attraction. It’s $15, but again, you only get one attraction. It usually takes about 30 minutes to get through and then you’re finished. Um, they also offer a vip like express pass and we don’t feel like we needed to offer that just because we can get people through our lines really quickly. Um, and, and at the same time keep our customers entertained.

We do that by staging or actors. Um, and we really focus in on training them and making sure that there’s no long lines that are going to be had at our place. We don’t want our customers waiting. Um, so they offer an express pass, I think it’s $45 and then they are, excuse me, $35 and then they offer a season pass for $100. I thought that was interesting because I never thought of offering a season pass, but that may be something that we look into next year for sandy forest, one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa is to offer a season pass for those, those people that really, really love coming in and want to come every night. We’re open. I’m the other hot. I wanted to one the other one of the haunted houses and tall, so I wanted to talk about is actually not really in Tulsa, but it’s in Sperry, which is not too far from Tulsa and it’s known as psychopath and psychopath is a lot more like and sandy farms in that we’re both outdoor events.

Uh, so we’re, we’re both really dependent on the weather. If we get a lot of rain, it’s hard for us to stay open. I’m compared to the other haunted houses and Tulsa, which are indoors, but you also lose that special specialness of being outside and having that really the fear of the dark when you go inside of a building versus if you’re outdoors. That’s something that I think psychopath, they’d been sandy farms. We have actually. It’s a benefit for us over the other haunted houses and Tulsa psychopath offers three different prices for two to three different attractions. $20, $30, $40. And I believe one of those is the VIP pass. So, um, they’re, they’re also an outdoor hot. But, um, I think, oh, we’re different in that we offer hot and coordinate Hayes. Uh, we offer the forties. I’ll be painful experience and um, you know, it’s just a different experience. They’re both really cool, really great, really great haunted houses in Tulsa, but they’re different. In conclusion. Um, I want to describe to you guys the differences between the other haunted houses and Tulsa and insanity farms and know what it’s and help you understand what, what benefits and sandy farmers brings over the others. Uh, the over the other haunted houses in Tulsa.