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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Getting feedback

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode three, the difficulty of finding actors,

uh, one of the biggest obstacles we had this year, uh, within sandy forums, haunted houses and Tulsa is or was finding good actors. We were already behind the eight ball because there’s other haunted houses in Tulsa like psychopath heck’s house and we’re even competing with the castle. Muskogee, um, there’s only so many actors out there that enjoy doing this and there’s only so many good ones that are really good at it. Um, so one of the hardest obstacles we had was finding good actors. Um, we started searching in July for actors for haunted houses and Tulsa and we were having a hard time getting some feedback from the, from the customers as well as employees that weren’t in to come and work for us. Um, so what we did was we focused in on craigslist, we focused in on linkedin and we even decided to put signs by the road at 61st and gardening that we were hiring for haunted houses in Tulsa for insanity forms.

And we didn’t get the best feedback initially because a lot of the theatrical departments and Tulsa have plays that go on in October. Even TCC, one of their biggest plays begins at the end of our season or at the beginning of our season. Uh, so then we switched her focus to just finding anybody that we could, uh, so we put it out on craigslist and like I said, we put signs by the road looking for actors for haunted houses in Tulsa for insanity farms. And then we finally started to get feedback. Once we did that, we got a lot of high schoolers that wanted to work. Um, and then we had a handful of older, a older men that came in that wanted to work. Um, so this, this was our first year doing it. I didn’t really know what to expect. Um, and I was very surprised at our first meeting that, um, everybody was enthusiastic and energized about doing it even though most of them had an habit haunted before.

Uh, but, you know, I, I knew we had a good group of people. They just needed some training and some guidance. And they needed somebody that was knowledgeable about how to haunted houses and Tulsa and how does scare people, uh, because there are specific ways on how to scare people and how to protect yourself as an actor. Uh, so we brought them all in and we made each one of them, uh, individually get up and, um, act in front of, in front of the managers and the owners. Uh, we specifically requested that they do a certain thing and we learned a lot from that and we saw how many of them were energetic and ready to do it first. Haunted Houses in Tulsa then we saw the ones that were more nervous. Uh, you can learn a lot about people just by having a group interview. Um, and we noticed right off the bat that we had a handful of them that would be great for a, what we call the midway and insanity farms haunted houses and Tulsa.

Uh, the midway is the first area they walk into after they paid mission into and sandy farms. Uh, it’s kind of a hang out area for customers. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, each entrance into each attraction is in the midway. Uh, so we needed our best actors in the midway to entertain the customers as they walked in. Um, we have three rounds of trying to find the best actors that we could and then we filled out the roles for each one of them. So we had specific roles and actors for each scene and we tried to fit their characteristics with the characteristics of the role that we’re going to play. Uh, the ones that were so outgoing, we kind of put them in an area where they could just kind of literally jump out at the customers as they walked by. And then we put the more outgoing actors out in front when they first walked in.

Um, I think this created a really good experience for customers and I think it really created a, a better, a better, a better haunted house in Tulsa because of the actors. I knew right away that we could build the best haunted house in Tulsa. But without our actors it wasn’t going to be anything. So since it was our first year, we were a kind of scrounging for actors, but we’ve found a really good group of them that we were able to train well, and each one of them really enjoyed it. Um, so it was really cool experience that we got to spend with these teenagers and older men. Um, some of, one of them was a former wwe wrestler, Haunted Houses in Tulsa we had a couple of retired military guys that were there that played generals inside of our Zombie paintball. Uh, so it was a cool experience that I got to have with them.

Um, I served as the manager and my dad and my sister also helped out and we had another manager as well. Uh, we would walk through the haunt and make sure everybody was doing what they’re supposed to as far as their roles and making sure they stayed in their role. That was the, one of the biggest things that we tried to tell our employees was if we wanted to be the best haunted houses in Tulsa, then we needed them to stay in their role the whole time they were there as soon as they came onto the, onto insanity forums and this and, and as well as they went in and changed. Uh, we wanted them to stay in character the whole time. Uh, that was really important to us and we stress that to our actors. Um, once we found her actors, like I said, we did three rounds of training with them, um, and each one of them got better and better as the season went on.

Um, I think the first night was a little rough because, you know, some of them weren’t used to it or didn’t know or didn’t, didn’t know what to expect, but once we went and kept doing it throughout the season, it just got better and better and they got better and better as actors. Uh, so yeah, that was one of the biggest challenges we had, um, by starting a haunted houses and Tulsa was that was finding a really good actors to do the job, the job we needed. Like I said earlier, we’re also competing with the heck’s house psychopath and the castle in the skokie defined really good actors. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, it’s, it’s nice though because for Pumpkin town we always have returning employees each year and each one of the employees that work this year and wants to come back for and sandy farms a haunted houses and Tulsa and they, they, they want to come back and keep doing it. So we’re really excited because each year will get better and better. Um, and we’ll also be able to cast a wider net to find even better actors and even more actors for our honored houses in Tulsa since sandy farms.

One thing we might do different next year is for the first week and were open, um, or even before the first night we opened is have a trial run with some of the actors, family members, have them come out and experience the haunted houses and tall sat and sandy farm, uh, and see their reactions and see how the employees are doing before we actually opened to the public. Um, I think next year obviously there’ll be better than this year. They did a great job this year and I expect even more out of them next year and we have, we’re going to have a bunch of returning employees like we always do. And the best part is they’re really excited about coming back. Um, so that was one of the most in conclusion that was the most difficult things besides building in sandy farms, was finding really good actors to do with the parts that we wanted.

I’m, like I said, we focused in on finding theatrical groups, schools and it was more difficult than we thought, but over time we found a great group and a great cast that made insanity. Foreigners. One of the best haunted houses in Tulsa, and without them we wouldn’t have been able to have such a great experience, uh, we could build the best haunted houses and Tulsa, but without the, our employees and our actors, it wouldn’t be what it is. And I stress that to them every time we have a meeting or a training was that, uh, without them in sandy foreigns wouldn’t be what it is. It wouldn’t be a really cool and fun experience if somebody was to just walk through and they didn’t have any good actors. Uh, so we really focused in and trying to find some good help. We’re going to be doing this year round, trying to find good help. Uh, so if you’re listening to this, please sign up and we’d love to have you and sandy farms, uh, one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa.