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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Walking through the maze

Haunted houses and Tulsa, episode five. I wanted to spend some time to talk about staging your employees as well as training them. I’m a big thing for us was ensuring that our employees had safety as well as the customers that walk through and sand mud farms. We wanted to make sure that they are safe as well as the employees. Um, in order to do this, you need to ensure that they have employees or well trained on how to scare the customers as well as how to get away after they scare a. One of the biggest things that customers will do when you scare them is they will immediately throw up their hands. Um, if you’re an employee at a haunted house in Tulsa, you really need to watch out for that reaction. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, the best part about being an actor and in these things is that you get to scare people.

That’s the best part. It’s an general and rush for the employee as well as the customer. But we teach our employees to really watch out for that reaction after you scare them. Uh, so one of the biggest things that we teach our employees to do is first off, always have your hand up. I’m not in the air to stop out in front of you whether you’re walking or whether you’re doing the scare a, this kind of prevents you from getting hit in the face once you scare that customer. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so that’s one of the tips we give our employees when they’re about to scare the customers as they walk through either the corn maze or, or our audit, or our hottest a pallet maze chaos. Another tip we give our employees is also to not only keep your hand up in the air to Brent to prevent the customers from hitting you with their arms.

Um, it’s also to block the light that we have in our, in our haunted corn maze. We placed lights throughout it to help guide the customers, um, through the maze. It’s kind of a guidance system for them as they walk through. And it also creates a really cool effect, um, through the core as you can. It just creates these long shadows, um, so, and it creates a really spooky effect at night. Um, so the lights are kind of a twofold one, it’s to get the employees or the customers to walk through the maze and the correct direction and another, it’s a great that area effect, but one of the bad things that happens is that a kind of blinds, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, the actors as they’re going through because the customers will be walking towards them. So that’s another reason why you want to have your hand up is to help block the light and to help see where you’re going as an actor at a haunted house in Tulsa.

Another big thing is staging. Um, whenever you get a lot of customers coming through a, you don’t want each attraction to loses, it loses its effect. So a lot of the times you have to stage it and that’s where your employees, you have to really train your employees. Um, if you don’t, if you don’t end up stopping some of the customers in their tracks, then you get these big, what they call Conga lines. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, these people just get these really long lines and then you lose the effect of each attraction. So we train our employees to get, literally get in front of a, you know, the group that’s walking through either of the corn maze or the pallet maids, whichever one, uh, but we really train our employees to step out in front of those customers and stop them for a second. Uh, this creates or this helps stop those conga lines from forming further into your haunted attraction or haunted house in Tulsa.

Another thing we like to focus in on for our employees is to always stay in costume. Um, any of the big, big amusement parks, whether it’s Walt Disney or six flags or Disneyland, any of those. They always, always their costume characters earned character. Um, as soon as they enter the park, they have to be in costume. Um, and the reason for this is because if those customers ever see her characters out of, out of their character, then it takes away from that special specialists. You know, it’s no longer a haunted attraction. It’s just somebody walking around with a mask in their hand because they had to use the restroom or you know, that’s why we really wanted to train our employees onto, always, always stay in character as soon as they get into the haunted attraction haunted house in Tulsa. We want them to be in character because as a customer, that’s the last thing we want is them to walk in and just see a bunch of people in makeup and it not be scary.

Um, so really as an owner, I have to put myself in the customer’s perspective. They’re walking up to our ticket booth. They’re really excited about wanting to be scared and then they walk in and they see somebody walking around with, without, without being in a character that’s not fun. And that’s not scary. So, uh, that’s another big thing that we focused in on was making sure each of our actors were in character and as soon as they step foot onto our premises, they had to be in character. Uh, we, we thought that was a really big sticking point. And I’m a really big focus, especially since a lot of these kids were new, they’d never scared before, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so it took a little bit to train them. But in the process they learned a lot I think. And um, you know, I think they learned a lot and they learned some skills that they can further use and some of the other future endeavors

when we brought in, um, all of our actors for the first tryouts we made, each one of them give, get up and do some type of scare or some type of skills that they had in front of everybody. Uh, this, this you could really tell who were the people that were outgoing, who were the people that would sit in the back, who were the timid people, uh, you got, you learned a lot from having them get up and do whatever, you know, whatever they want to do as far as their, their act in front of the whole crowd. And this helped me place a, our actors for the haunted houses and Tulsa. This helped me place them in places where they would be best fit. We had two female actors this year, uh, that were teenagers and I had to ensure their safety. Like I said earlier, safety was one of our biggest concerns for both employees and customers. That’s why we instilled a no touching rule, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, both for the employees and the customers safety. So unlike heck’s house, we do not touch a customers that come through our doors and insanity farms

in order to make sure that these girls would be safe. We kept them in the, what we called our midway and insanity farms. Haunted houses in Tulsa are midway, was basically the area of when they, after they paid their admission, they would walk in and this would be the good kind of the hangout area. We had a person side of there. Where are we stuck? One of the girls and the other one would be behind. They’re hers. So they were always together at the same time. We would never separate them. Um, another, another skill we had to teach was how to walk like a Zombie. Um, I know that seems like kind of easy to do, but when our actors are in there getting hit by paint balls all night, it’s not as easy to do. Um, so we really had to train them on first off, how to, how to take the paint balls and how to keep moving with them, how to take the pain with them and had to keep moving.

Um, that was quite a challenge to do. But over time the, the, the teenage boys really learned how to walk like a Zombie and we showed them old videos and showed them some youtube videos on how to do that. So in conclusion, when you’re finding actors for haunted houses in Tulsa, uh, you really need to focus in on two things. One is to make sure that there’s, that they always have safety at your place. A lot of times these kids are, uh, from, you know, kind of broken up families and trying to find a place where they can call home. And for us, one of the biggest things with safety, um, and the other is you really need to kind of train your employees on how you want them to scare how you want them to act. Um, they’re gonna, they’re gonna do what they want to do, but that’s why you have to really point them out and show them, okay, this is how you scare somebody. This is how you get away from them when you scare somebody. These are all skills as actors and haunted houses and Tulsa that they must learn over time.

The last thing I wanted to mention was staging as well, as I mentioned earlier, is teaching your actors how to stage the customer line. If it gets too busy, you have to step in front of the customers as they walked through. Otherwise you get those long conga lines like all the other haunted houses in Tulsa. This is one way we ensure that there’s a smooth transition through each of our, each of our haunted attractions and Tulsa. And it ensures that the customers enjoy each part of our attractions.