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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Not so traditional

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode 15. I want us to spend some time to talk about, uh, the conception and the idea behind insanity farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, sandy farms, uh, was a concept from a few years ago. Uh, we really wanted to offer something different, unique, uh, to those things, those that want to go to Hans and the haunted houses and Tulsa, we really wanted to offer something different than the, than the traditional, scary, gory, a haunted house. We wanted to, we wanted to offer an outdoor experience that they can cherish with their families and friends, uh, something that they’ll remember for a lifetime. Uh, so we spent a lot of time designing, planning, coordinating, uh, the exact layout of what we wanted to do a with our haunted house in Tulsa. Uh, so the first thing we had to do was come up with a name.

Uh, we kicked around the idea of, uh, you know, doing the traditional, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, trail of fears and hot farm. Uh, but we decided to stick with the farm theme, but we wanted to change basically the adjective before it. Uh, so, uh, since we were considering doing other things in our heart that may have not been seen on the farm, uh, we went with insanity farms, uh, originally we were going to do insanity farm, uh, put the domain name was already purchased by a gentleman in Washington. He used it as his kind of his sales pitch for, to get jobs. That was his domain name. Uh, so we went with insanity farms and it actually fit a kind of with the name of Pumpkin town farms. Uh, so we first settled on the name that kind of gave us a direction to head in and we really think that added to a insanity farms becoming one of the best haunted houses.

And Tulsa, uh, we settled on a name and then we moved forward with the actual design layout of a haunted house and Tulsa. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, what we did was we got a piece of paper, a got a pen and started drawing a. We knew how much room we had to work with because we had a Pumpkin town farms already in place, so we knew how much room we had to work with. We just had to make sure and step it off by foot, make sure we had enough room for it all. Uh, so we, we built a fence across the front and along the west side of the property. Um, and we put a in sandy farms just on the southwest part of the property at Pumpkin town farms. Uh, we felt like we needed separate entrances for both because we didn’t want to get too much crossover between the younger customers.

We didn’t want them getting scared by seeing some of our actors that were in their costumes. So we switched or we made separate entrances for both in sandy farms and pumpkin farms. Um, and I also, I also think it helps that sets the tone too for customers that are just coming for a, in sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. It really sets the tone, uh, when they come up to our, when they come into and sandy farms, they drive up, they see the fence and it’s covered with a core in this 10 feet tall. And they see all these lights going on and they see the canopy lighting. That’s in the midway, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so it really sets the tone for the actual haunted houses and fellows, uh, in sandy farms that really sets the tone for it. Um, and when they pull up a, there’s a small ticket booth up front.

It’s kind of spooky looking, kind of old looking and there’s doors that swing out on the front of it. That’s where customers first check in. We have our customers sign a liability form a just in case they trip and fall and hurt themselves. We want them to know that this is a hot at outdoor traction and there is a chance that you may fall or hurt yourself. And when that does happen, uh, so we have everybody sign a liability form that before they come in and after they do that, purchase their tickets, we give a wristband and they come inside, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, the haunted attraction. And when they come in, they come into the first part of it, which is the midway. The midway is basically a hangout area and it’s also the area where we have our entrances and exits for each one of our attractions.

Haunted Houses in Tulsa, and, and this area we wanted to create kind of a circus type field, but we wanted them to be enclosed in the farm. Uh, so we built these, we built lighting a canopy lighting and we hung it on the corners of the midway and we had a poll in the center, so we strung the lights upward and it made it look like a circus tent. It really made a, a cool feel to the whole environment. And again, I think it set the tone to make and sandy farmers one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, once the customers come inside, uh, the midway, they get to choose whichever attraction they want to go to a, we have hired staff that are actually in insanity farm shirts. They’re standing at each entrance to each attraction and they take a, the wristband, there’s three little tags and one of the tags that they’ll rip off if you, whenever you go through each attraction.

Um, and when they first walk up to the field of fear, the first thing they see and hear, or chain cells in the background, uh, they hear Banjo music playing, they hear owls hooting, they here, coyotes, yelping, uh, and again, it really creates that feel of them being on the farm and I think it helps contribute to us being one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. Um, and if they decided to go for, if they decided to go through the field of fear, it’s about a 45 minute ride attraction. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, it’s a walkthrough haunted corn maze. It’s the only one in Tulsa, like it actually really the only one in eastern Oklahoma like it. And there’s several different scenes inside of the haunted corn maze and there’s different fears that we focus in on and we focus in on people’s fears of snakes and spiders and a claustrophobia.

People don’t like being squeezed into tight spaces. So we’ve really focused in on people’s fears. We’re not totally into the total Gore and blood and guts of like some other haunted houses and Tulsa. Um, so, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, once the customers go through the field of fear, they see a lot of different and cool scenes and then they exit and the last thing they see is our finale in the field of fear, which is our boar head. And there’s a actor behind there that pushes it out. It’s a really big boar head that makes a lot of noise. Mouth opens his eyes glow, and we really get a big scare. The customers, the next attraction to the is the four d’s Zombie paintball and the customers really enjoy it because it’s their interactive shooting gallery or they get to shoot at zombies that are, uh, that zombies that we hired as actors as well as animatronic zombies.

A, there’s music blasting, there’s fog going there, sent sprayers go and it smelled like ammunition and decay. Um, and this is about the shooting galleries itself is a five minute ride or attraction, but the whole thing together, once you get through it as about a 20 minute attraction. And then, uh, our laugh attraction, um, for insanity farms, which is one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa is the pallet maze. Chaos and chaos was an idea that we came up with because we wanted to offer something where, um, if it was a really slow night, the customers could go through it more than once. Um, and chaos is like a, it’s kind of a trap maze type feel. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we had over 2,500 pallets that we use to build it and we have strobe lights on the corners, we have music blasting and we have are really creepy clown inside of it.

His name’s chuckles and he’s inside of the chaos, may scaring all the customers that come through. Uh, so with all those three attractions I really think it helps contribute to and sandy foreigners being one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. And I think it also helps you understand the, what direction we wanted to head in as far as the farm theme and why we decided to do what we did with Zandy farms. In conclusion, in sandy farms took a lot of planning, a lot of coordination, a lot of blood, sweat and tears. But I’m over our strategic plan to build it. Like we wanted it. We wanted it to be at the farm theme and we really wanted to focus in on people’s fears. So we felt by following these two paths that we really built one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa.