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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Safety First

Honda and houses and Tulsa, episode 22, I wanted to spend some time to talk about the proper training that goes into when you hire new employees for a haunted houses. And Tulsa, uh, one of the biggest keys for us was to find people that I’m a, we’re passionate about acting and B, that they enjoyed a haunting. There’s a big difference between acting and haunting, uh, the biggest differences, not all actors can haunt. And the same goes for haunters and all, not all haunters can act. Uh, there are certain skills and sets a that you look for in a hunter, a, these people a little more, a little more on the edge, a little more marginal than your regular actors, but, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, they have a sense for how does scare people and how to be truly scary. Um, and there are ways to do that. And we’ll talk a little bit about that.

Um, one of the first things that we trained our employees was safety. Uh, we want anybody that came into our haunted houses and Tulsa and sandy farms. We wanted them to feel safe and we wanted them to feel well. We want them to feel safe, but at the same time we didn’t know if that makes any sense. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, we want them to feel safe as in we weren’t going to hurt them. Nothing there was going to really be real, but we wanted it to be scary enough where they didn’t feel safe. Um, but as far as real safety, as no one’s getting hurt, um, no one’s going to get lost and no, if anybody needs anything, were there, um, that’s, that’s the type of safety. Um, I’m, I’m speaking to, but as far as their general feeling, um, yeah, I want them scared. I want them really scared when they’re in our haunted houses and Tulsa.

Um, so we had to train our actors on exactly how to scare people, uh, but at the same time do it in a safe manner. Uh, so there’s some techniques that we taught our employees. I’m, one of them was, um, in our field of fear, uh, we have lights that are ground lights that are on the ground and they’re really bright leds, uh, but they shoot down the path. So it’s kind of, it helps the, helps the customers walked through it, uh, it kind of creates these lit past so they know exactly where they’re headed so they’re not walking through a part of your mates are not supposed to be walking through. Um, so we, we put these lights in and installed them. Uh, but one of the biggest challenges is for our actors, um, most of the time our actors are in, are already in front of the customers as they’re walking through.

They’re in their positions, uh, but sometimes it takes walking straight into the customers and when they do that, they step straight into that ground light and it can be very, very, very bright and it can be blinding, especially when you’re trying to scare people in the dark. Uh, so one of the techniques that we taught our, our employees was to always have your hand up. I’m not like you’re raising your hand, but more like you’re in a guard position in basketball. Elbows out a little bit. Uh, here it’s been at 90 degrees. And your hands about chest level. Um, the reason we do that is two folds. One is to, it really blocks the light and you can actually see what you’re doing. Um, so for our, for our employees that walked through the field of fear and are involved in the field of fear, they have to use this technique.

It’s a must. Otherwise they’re not going to see the customers as they’re walking through. They’re going to have a hard time, you know, actually doing what they’re supposed to be doing a. So that’s one, one reason why we, we tell them to put their arm up and, you know, it blocks the light. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, the other reason why we tell them to do this is because it helps when they’re scaring. It helps protect the actual actor. It’s themselves. Um, when you scare somebody, a lot of times you jump in clothes and jump out and when you do that, uh, the customers first reaction is to throw their hands up in defense. Um, and a lot of the times in that moment when the employee actor is jumping towards the customer and the customer’s initial reaction to throwing up the arms, a lot of the time, that’s where you get most of the instances are accidents.

Haunted Houses in Tulsa, you know, customers will accidentally punch and employee or hit an employee by accident by throwing up their arms. So we really wanted there to be safety both between the customers and the employees. So that’s another reason why we told them our employees to use that arm guard position. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, it helps block the light and it also helps protect our employees and customers. I think safety really, really makes and sandy foreigners, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, you don’t want your customers feeling unsafe as they travel through your, your haunted attraction. Um, but again, we did want them to feel a certain bit of unsafety, but that has to do more with their fears I have versus actually feeling unsafe. Um, we really wanted to focus on people’s fears. So that’s why we focused in on this, you know, scaring of snakes, clowns, claustrophobia, all those good things.

Another safety precautions we took were, it was a security cameras and a fence line as well as hired security. I’m one of the biggest issues we face in our off season or people trespassing on our property. Um, and when we built in sandy farms the best haunted houses in Tulsa, this drew a lot of attention from a 61st street. Um, people could see what we were doing. They were curious, which is a good thing, but at the same time, we have a lot of teenagers that come over. I’m not meaning much harm, but not knowingly. They could do a bunch of harm to our haunted attraction. Uh, you know, they, they climbed over the fence, we built it, been at backwards. Uh, so there was a lot of things that we had to address, make sure that, uh, both in sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa was safe as well as our customers.

Uh, we built the fence to help protect people from coming in from outside. We put security cameras in our polls so he can see exactly what’s going on. Uh, I think that also helps deter from potential thieves. We had a lot of issues with people trying to break in. So the security cameras help stop that and at the same time it gives your customers that feeling of safety, you know, um, we’re actually watching what’s going on and we can actually see what our employees are doing towards the customers as they walk through. For us, a lot of that is safety, but also it’s a quality control. Um, we wanted to make sure that when we aren’t there or when we’re not in that certain position that those actors are doing what they’re supposed to. So security cameras help a lot with that as well as literally you have to walk through and make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to.

Uh, you can send a secret shopper through and they can give you feedback on exactly what’s going on. But we had most of our managers walked and sandy farms one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. Check on the employees, make sure they’re okay. And also to make sure they’re doing what they’re supposed to, um, because a lot of we had to fire somebody who was just sitting there not doing anything or not doing their job. Um, so by walking through the field of fear, walking through Zombie paintball and walking through chaos, you know, we made sure that a, there was safety going on and b, that the actors were doing what they’re supposed to. Um, another safety precaution. We took our, we always send people through in groups. We never send them through single file. And for that we want to make sure that there’s no instances that happen or could said that happened inside of any of our attractions.

And especially women. We had one, we hired one woman that worked for us, she was a teenager and she, we couldn’t put her out in where she’d be by herself. We didn’t. That was something that we, we knew right away we could not do. Um, and if we actually had another female actor, we would have put them both together and actually put them inside the maze or inside chaos. But, uh, we only had one female actor this year and we wanted to make sure she felt safe as well because it is dark out there. There are people in costumes, you can’t tell what’s going on and a lot of times, uh, so we wanted to make sure she felt safe. Um, so we put her in her midway where we could visually see her, we could, you know, make sure she’s okay and um, no issues were, no issues had arisen.

So in conclusion, um, with proper training of your employees to make sure that every safety precaution is taken, I think it helps make and sandy foreigners one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa because your customers feel safe as they walk in, but at the same time they’re scared out of their woods and you want your customers to feel safe. But at the same time we also really, really want to scare them. So by ensuring that your customers or your employees have proper techniques, carrying techniques and making sure they know exactly what’s what we expect from them and making sure any female actors we have are never by themselves. I think all of these combined help make insanity farms one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa and makes it a really unique experience.