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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Flight or fight

Haunted houses and Tulsa, episode nine. I wanted to spend some time to talk about the different types of attractions we have inside of insanity farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. We started this idea based on the fact that we wanted to offer a different experience for some of the customers that Pumpkin town that may have not fit a, the age, the appropriate age for some of the rides. We had a Pumpkin town. Um, a lot of the time the parents, the parents were kind of hesitant to get on like the cow train ride or the grain train ride because they might think it’s kind of silly or it’s something that they don’t normally do, but we really encourage the parents to get on the rides. We even encouraged the older kids to get on the rides and enjoy with their families. Um, a lot of the times the kids don’t want to, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so they’ll do some of the activities that we have for the older kids.

Um, but we really wanted to bring something really cool and unique and scary and fun at the same time. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so we developed and sandy farms one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, we, we started planning this about a year and a half ago and spent two years really thinking about exactly what we wanted to do a, we want them to bring a really cool, scary farm experience haunt to Tulsa. And we came up with and sandy farms. Um, I first came up with the name because I really wanted to stick with the farm theme. We had pumpkin town farms, but I wanted to continue in that theme into our haunted attraction. Um, so what I did was, what we did was we stuck with the name and sandy farms. We stuck with the name farms and we created the story, uh, for one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa and sandy farms.

Uh, the story behind it is that we have, there’s a haunted family that used to live on the farm and they lived there way before we started pumpkin town farms. There was actually an old dairy farm was what it used to be. But, Haunted Houses in Tulsa, after a harsh winter, a lot of the cows started to die off and this really hurt the family that lived on the farm. Um, they didn’t have any money to buy food, and during that harsh winter they lost a lot of their children to the cold and the flu. Um, they decided to bury these children, um, in their cornfield and after they did that, it became, and sandy farms, I’m the family and didn’t know what was going to happen when they did that. They just thought, you know, went ahead and where we put our kids. So we buried him in the cornfield and that’s when the spirit’s rose from the dead and have haunted in sandy farms ever since. Um, if you go into the Cornfield, watch out for the children, watch out for all the scary animals that were left behind and watch out for the scary hillbilly that lives in the travel trailer, just inside the field of fear.

So with the storyline that we created a, we also wanted to create a really cool interactive shooting gallery experience. Uh, so we developed a Zombie apocalypse paint ball game. Uh, that’s also inside and sandy farms, uh, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, with the Zombie paintball, it’s a four d experience, so customers get to shoot at live actors and they get to shoot at a animatronic zombies that are popping out and coming at you and then inside the containers that get a really cool a four d experience where the zombies are shooting back at them, they get hit in the face with water during the shoot out a, there’s fog, there’s a sense of ammunition. And so the whole experience for the Zombie paintball is really cool as well. It, it, it, it’s, it’s one of the best attractions we have in Sandy and sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa.

We spent a lot of time training our employees on how to best entertain the customers when they come into a Zombie paintball, there’s three different sergeants that we hired. Each one plays its own role, but they really get the customers pumped and excited to come into the Zombie. Paintball and sandy farms, one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. They set, they set the scene, they set the mood when they first get to the shooting gallery, that containers, uh, they step foot into the first container, the customers watch a five minute video that explains exactly what happened, how the zombies got there, and what to expect when you get into the shooting gallery. And they walk into a second room that’s in that first container. They watch another five minute video that explains, um, safety precautions watching out for zombies and making sure they eliminate the zombies from the farm.

Um, and then once they leave that first container, they go into the live action Zombie paintball container. Uh, we spent a lot, a lot, a lot of time developing this, building it and making sure it was one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa and see it. Any farms we, we haven’t container that we cut out the window, the doors and windows out of and created a, um, a garage we put in garage doors that created a up and down effect so we can start and stop the show, um, as well, making sure that their safety for the customers and the live actors, we only can only give so much time for those live actors to get hit by paint balls. Uh, so we do a five minute show and we tell our actors, you know, uh, be, be out there, but he’s smart too.

Don’t, don’t, don’t not do not. I mean we make. All of our employees were cups, so we, we, you know, that’s one thing is to make sure that they’re wearing their cup. I’m always wear their head gear. I’ll always wear Kevlar padding that they were to make sure they’re not getting injured by the paint balls. There’s a lot of things that we went over with the Zombie actors to make sure that they were creating a really unique experience for the customers as well as creating one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa and sanity farms. Um, I’ve, I mentioned this earlier, but we also have a chaos pallet maze and it’s, it took us three weeks to build a over 2,500 pallets and it was personally designed by us. So it took a lot of times to draw it out overhead, make sure we actually were falling in our plans and then making sure all the components were in our chaos maze.

We had our live actor in there. We only had one this year. I think we’ll have three next year. Uh, but for our first year, I really think we built one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa, a chaos was a really popular attraction. We’ve got strobe lights in the corner, we’ve got music that, you know, will drown your ears out. And we got that chuckles the clown inside of there that’s continually running around and scaring customers. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, he escaped from a local penitentiary. And made his way to insanity farms and found his home at chaos. And last but not least is the field of fear and we’ve got, it’s a 45 minute walk through a hothead haunted maze and it really brings home the fact that you’re on a farm. Uh, you have corn all around you, uh, you have the sounds of owls. I Banjo plane, uh, you know, Crows, crows, you know, sounding off, and then we have coyotes howling.

So all of this music is playing when you walk through our maze or haunted coordinates and when you walked through it, you really get the experience like you’re on the farm. I’m an inside of it. We have different tunnels, uh, that we built out of pallets, um, and a lot of those focused on people’s fears. Like, uh, we have a claustrophobic tunnel that’s hard to push through. We have a tunnel that’s built for spiders tunnel that’s built for snakes. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, but I don’t really want to give all of it away because I’d really like you to come and enjoy the experience that one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa insanity farms. In conclusion, um, that kind of gives you all an idea of exactly what offer as far as attractions and sanity forums, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, we offer a really cool Zombie paintball experience and it’s the only one in Tulsa like it actually, it’s the only one in Oklahoma that’s like it. And then we have a pallet of haunted pallet maze that we call chaos. And then not last but not least is the field of fear. As I mentioned earlier, that really brings home the fact that you’re on a farm and it’s a scary experience. And we feel like this really brought home and this really made us one of the best haunted houses. And Tulsa.