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Haunted Houses in Tulsa | Frightening and Fun

Haunted houses in Tulsa, episode 12. I wanted to spend some time to talk about employee training as well as employee safety and customer safety. Uh, these are really important topics to cover, especially with your employees because this is one of the biggest concerns for any haunted houses. And Tulsa is customer safety. You really want your customers to feel safe at your heart, but you want them to also be scared at the same time. Uh, I know that sounds kind of like an oxymoron, but in reality, that’s really what you want. You want your customers to be scared, but you want them to feel safe at the same time. Uh, so one of the biggest things that we stress with our employees slash actors is to keep that personal space between you and the customer walking through the haunted houses and Tulsa, uh, when they walked through, you want to leave at least a few feet between you and them.

And the reason we do this is because a lot of the time customers, the first reaction they have is labeled, throw up their hands and people did not like their personal space intruded on. Uh, so one of the biggest differences between and sandy farms and the other haunted houses and Tulsa is that we do not touch our customers when they walk through. I make sure from day one when they come into training that our employees no do not touch the customers when they walk through. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, I want our customers to feel safe. Um, but at the same time, again, I want them to feel scared. And so in order to do that, I feel like this is the first step to make sure that employees know you’re not going to touch the customers when they walk through. Uh, whatever you do do not touch them.

I think that helps ensure that there’s no liability issues that happen, which is also an issue for some of the other haunted houses. And Tulsa, uh, I’ve heard of, you know, heck’s house of them touching and touching customers when they walk through. I just think that creates a lot of issues that I would rather avoid at our ad insanity farms. So step one, do not touch the customers when they walk through. Haunted Houses in Tulsa Number two is make sure your employees know how to protect themselves when customers are walking through your haunt, they don’t know what’s coming. Um, they don’t know what’s around the next corner, they don’t know what’s going to happen next. That’s where the advantage is for your employees slash actors, is that they know when the customers are coming and they can prepare themselves not to get hurt when they’re doing the scare a.

So what we teach our employees to do is to, if, if they’re doing certain scenes, sometimes we’ll have different, um, different scares that they’re going to do. Some of them will literally jumped out at the customers as they’re walking by. And what we train our employees to do there is to jump in, but jump out real quick and they need to lead themselves a few feet, uh, in order for that to happen. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so I think this helps contribute to sandy farms being the, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa is that we train our employees to scare, scare safely. Uh, so again, the customer customers are walking through a, let’s say, our haunted corn maze, the field of fear, and they’re walking through one of our sections and the employee jumps out at him at least a few feet so he can jump back and this helps leave room for if the customer throws up their hands because they’re scared or if sometimes this does happen, they’re so scared that they’ll throw a punch and that’s where, you know, safety for both customers and employees comes in, comes into a factors, you know, we want to leave that personal space.

So there’s no issues. Um, another safety concern that we have are for our female actors. A lot of the times we have high schoolers that come in that want to do the acting and we really got to focus in, on their safety. Um, I want them to feel safe just like the customers feel safe at insanity farms, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, so we always pair a female with another female. Um, that way the safety is always there. Or if we only had one female working a night, we’ll have her out in the middle of our midway, what we call our midway, that part of our, uh, of our haunted houses. And Tulsa is a, a kind of a area and once they pay for their admission, they walk in and it’s kind of a hangout area. Last year we put a fire in there because it got cold on some of the nights we have string lights that lead up to a center pole, so it makes it look kind of like a circus tent effect and then inside the midway or the three attractions, the entrances to the entrances and exits to all three attractions.

Um, and so when we only have one female actor will place her in the midway to make sure that she’s safe and we can keep an eye on things because a lot of times as managers at one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa and see farms, you are inside the coordinates or you’re inside the Zombie paintball or you’re inside chaos and you can’t be everywhere at once. So for safety of the females, I always keep them either up close were other managers are hanging out in midway or they’re always paired together inside of the maze. So if you know, if, if, if they feel like they’re unsafe, there’s two of them there or three of them there together. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, and there’s no issues. I think, um, you know, making sure both customers and employees feel safe, help make and Saturday farmers one of the best haunted houses.

And Tulsa. Um, another thing we emphasize with our employee slash actors is to always stay in character. I’m not aware any major theme park. You go to like Disney, six flags anywhere like that. Um, they’re hired actors once they literally come onto the property. I’m at the gate of Disney world. They have to be in character, um, and this and they cannot leave that character until they leave the premises of Disney world. Haunted Houses in Tulsa, and we wanted to institute that same rule. And the reason for this is because we have paying customers that are coming into our haunted houses and Tulsa and sandy farms and we’re creating an experience that we wanted to be immersed in as soon as they walk up and that whole vision is destroyed or kind of tarnished if you see one of the main actors walking around without their mask on or without their costume on, like imagine going to Disney world and seeing mickey mouse without his, his hat on his head. Uh, kids will be so disappointed and that just helps take, it just takes away from that magic or that experience that we’re creating. That and sandy forums, one of the best haunted houses and Tulsa.

Another technique that we teach our employees to help keep safety between them, uh, and the customers that walk through our haunted houses and Tulsa and sandy farms is to always keep their hand up or out a little bit. Because a, when they’re working in the field of fear, we have lights that help guide the customers through each section. And when the actors are waiting on him, they’re looking directly into these lights or they’re looking down towards these lights because the customers are going towards him. So we teach our employees for their safety to keep their hand up, to help block the light and to also again, keep that distance between them and the customers because when they do jump out and scare them where they do come towards them, a lot of the times the initial reaction of the customer is to throw up their arms or push out their hands.

So we want to make sure that the customers are safe, the employees are safe. And I think that helps contribute to the sandy foreigners being alone, one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa. So in conclusion, with thorough training to our employees, uh, we wanted to ensure that safety was both instilled into the customer’s experience as well as the employees experience, uh, working in and sandy farms, we felt like this is one of the biggest things that we had to train was how to scare and how to scare safely. Uh, so we felt like that helped contribute to making it and sandy farms one of the, one of the best haunted houses in Tulsa.